I shall now begin to get ready to prepare to initiate a blog post

Time to write a post today.  As all writers know, this is not something to be taken lightly, nor entered into without the proper preparation. In particular, without the careful arrangements of one’s workspace and surroundings, all efforts to produce quality work will be for naught.  As I also have several work assignments to catch up on over the weekend, therefore much writing to do, this is even more important.  So, without further ado, here’s how I get ready to write:

  • First, ensure I am rested and my mind ready to focus:  This morning, I slept in a bit, played with the cats (relaxation is key!), showered (proper hygiene is key!), tossed on some sweats and ate a bowl of oatmeal (comfort and nutrition are key!).
  • Second, mentally prepare for the writing experience: for me, this might take the form of a period of meditation on my topic, allowing the ideas to flow in my head – and later on to the paper (or screen, as it turns out).  Because I’m a multi-tasker, this meditation took place while also sorting, washing, drying and folding laundry, trying to drag two stubborn teenagers out of bed and feeding an assortment of animals (the teenagers fend for themselves).
  • Third, prepare my work space:  unpack laptop, arrange papers, grab refreshments (writing is thirsty work!), and pillow to make chair tolerable.
  • Fourth, fire up laptop and begin: this means first checking Facebook, Twitter and email to ensure entire world is operating as it should.  Play a few games of Solitaire Blitz – you know, to loosen up the fingers for more efficient typing.  Check movie listings for time of movie to see with husband this evening as a reward for all of my hard work.  Open up WordPress, log in; log in; log in; hit reset password key; log in, click new post and stare at empty box.
  • Clearly, I am not properly prepared.  Revert to second step by doing more laundry, exhorting teenagers to clean their rooms and changing sheets on bed.
  • Sit back at computer.  Sigh.  Drum fingers.  Dart eyes around room to see what else might need cleaning.  No doubt the dusty baseboards are ruining my groove.  Play 3 more games of Solitaire Blitz.
  • Notice cat encroaching on workspace. Pesky cat. Dramatically exclaim to cat that writing is difficult and he isn’t helping.
  • Scratch cat.

Mac helping me write #1 Mac2 Mac3 Mac helping me write


What’s your “routine”?


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