It’s good to be the brown cat

It's good to be the brown cat

This is Coco. This is where she naps whenever possible. This is me feeling like even though I have to use the facilities, I don’t want to disturb the cat.


3 thoughts on “It’s good to be the brown cat

  1. I know your pain!! Daisy Dinky Dog has to be touching me at all times. If I move she moves and body slams into me!!

  2. Seriously. I used the bathroom, washed my face and yelled at the kids a bit (keeps them on their toes). She stood at the foot of the bed, watching me, staring me down, until I finally got into bed. She’s now in my lap.

  3. I’m the same way with Dudley on my lap. Gary actually will run and get something for me to drink when he sees Dudley so comfy, so to not disturb the “Little Prince”. Baxter, on the other hand luckily only stays on me, mushing for a short periods of time. His weight makes it painful after awhile, because he does the “baking biscuits” thing on my belly. 🙂 But my favorite all time thing is Dudley at night when he sleeps on my side with his little head on my shoulder. What would we do without our animals???

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