Now this is exciting news…

I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while…

Check out the new!

Check out the new!

There’s a new home for parents on the web.  Parents Space is intended for those of us who aren’t perfect, who don’t have all the answers. It’s a collection of parents of every stripe, from all over the world, talking about the issues that are meaningful to them and supporting each other. The brainchild of fellow WordPresser, Einat Skaked, this is the site for parents who have “lost their manual” (or, as in my case, was never issued one in the first place.)  And I’m pleased to say that I get to be one of a whole host of contributing writers.  It’s a wonderful and talented group I get to hang out with here.

I do hope you’ll come check us out!  And hey, we’re just getting started so why not tell a friend or two?  Maybe read a few posts, click a few likes, Tweet a bit?  You know, help us settle in and feel loved.

Thanks – and please, I’d love to hear comments!  Tell me what to write about!



4 thoughts on “Now this is exciting news…

  1. I can’t wait to check it out! Does it have help for those of us whose kids are too old to “parent” but still need it?!?

    • It can – we’re just getting started. And that is an interesting question too. To my mind, kids are never really too old to “parent”. Sure, you may not be picking out their clothing or packing healthy snacks but they’ll always need their mom. I did and wish she was still here today.

  2. guess every parent in the world will take a peek cause the specs are for the innperfect parents…the ones that don’t have all the answers……that would be all of us! Glad to see such support coning together. Thanks for being a part of it, Teri.

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