If you could, who would you choose to spend five minutes with?

I’m sure we’ve all seen this one; the lovely scene with the bench and a question asking who you’d most want to spend an hour with, right here, on this bench.

For me, it was quick and so easy – my parents.
For my mom, we lost her so suddenly. I never had a chance to say good bye. And I’d like to know how we did after she left – how well did my siblings and I do, trying to fill a bit of her role as,caregiver to our dad. I’d want her to know I’m stressed and too busy and worry about my kids but think I’m doing okay.

With dad, we did have a chance to talk. We knew his time was limited and we did our best to talk things through. But, in the end, I had to sign that paper in the hospital that said yes, stop life saving measures and begin hospice care. I signed for the surgery that made him worse, not better and I signed to let him die. Did I do that right? I’d really love to hear from hi that it was all ok. And he is with mom and he’ll be there for me.

What about you?

My thoughts on a page.

I saw this picture first on Aoibheanns Pink Tie facebook page . A fabulous charity helping families of children with cancer.  I originally saw it a few weeks ago, but the question it asks has stayed with me.
Who would I like to sit with?

Would I chose a famous figure from the past? Someone I really admired such as Nelson Mandela or Helen Keller? Or what about Jesus? That would surely answer a few questions of mine. If He turned up I’d know I’d better go visit a church!

To be given such an opportunity would be an honour, but amazing as it would be to spend time with these people, I would trade an hour with them for just five minutes with my Dad.Aoibheanns pink tie photo

In that five minutes I would want to sit with him and look out over the mountains of Allihies. As we would sit together…

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Tip-toeing back into the room, brushing away the cobwebs.

Yeah, so, gonna give this another go.  It’s time, right? I happily wrote for several about topics from favorite songs to parenting challenges.  Stayed fairly light. But then my dear MIL came to us to die and die she did: with the wonderful and caring support of Beaumont Hospice, Dianne lived out her last days happy and sneaking the occasional smoke until finally the morphine took her smiles, her smokes and eventually, softly, her last breath.  i wrote a lot about that. Deep stuff.  And then my son ended up hospitalized for other stuff just a month later.  And I wrote about that, too.  And it became a chore. And chores aren’t fun.

So I stopped. And I feel bad.  So I’m back.        Hi. (Waves)

I truly don’t want to make any sweeping statements other than I want to do this again, I liked it when I did, so I’ll give it a shot.  Ok?  And it won’t be all rainbows and water sprites – I still work 65-70 hours a week at a place that makes me nuts and I still have teenagers, one of whom is at MILITARY SCHOOL (there, I said it). So will have much to opine there too.  Anyways. No promises, no commitments.  I’ll just wander in occasionally and spout off, ok?


Cat on ledge jumps funny

Here we goooooooo….