A not so funny road rage thing happened on our way to dinner…

Still trying to make sense of this so figured I’d write about it and see if that works it out.

Saturday night, Mike and I decided to go out to dinner at a place near our home. We were taking my car and I drove. Off we went, until I got to a road near our home that is so horribly pitted with potholes it’s nearly impossible to avoid them. I have a sporty sedan and low profile tires so I drive pretty gingerly. The high profile trucks and SUVs tend to barrel on through but I like my axels right where they are. I’d looked back and the only person behind us was way back and I had no one oncoming. So I slowed way done to weave through best I could; I hit a particularly bad patch so swung over partially into the oncoming lane (still no traffic) clears about a 7 foot stretch and then swung back into my lane.

As I’m swinging back, I glance in my mirror and suddenly there was someone RIGHT THERE. A guy in a blue SUV who had decided to, apparently, pass me on the right while I was over. He laid on his horn and got right on my bumper and was doing your basic douchebag moves. Mike may have offered up a salute of his own in response. I’m only going about 15 and am still working through the worst of the road.

Blue SUV then swings out, passes us and cuts right in front of me and jams on his breaks. I’m figuring he’s going to just be a jerk for a bit and then we all move on. Whatever.

But he doesn’t. Instead he stopped his vehicle and just sat there. I had cars behind us now and honking and a couple of vans coming the other way. So I can’t move and he sits. Mike, who clearly has more presence of mind than I do, gets his phone out and snaps a couple of pictures of the guys plate. After about a minute, he gets out of his SUV and walks towards our car, to Mike on the passenger side. He’s average height and build, dark complected and, I’d guess, late 30s or a bit more. He wasn’t rushing the car or anything – but he walked up.

Mike took his picture – at this point, we didn’t know what was going down. When he got right up to the car, Mike opened his door so that it forced the guy to back up and asked him what he thought he was doing. He yells that I tried to run him off the road (seriously?). Mike told him to back away and the guy keeps talking and now he’s focused on Mike. I tell mike to get back in the car – I want out of there! Mike sits but the guy comes closer so Mike snaps a picture of him. He screams “you can’t do that” and grabs Mike’s phone. So Mike has to get out of his seat again and grab the phone back while the guy is yelling at him “you can’t tape me did you just tape me…” I looked up and noticed a couple of cars stopped and watching; Mike yelled at him to get his truck the hell out of the way. He walked back, got in and pulled off.

But our story doesn’t end here, friends. He turned left onto the next major street and so did I. This one is 4 lanes so I stayed well back and let him go his way. Then we both end up making a right onto Telegraph. I went into the far left lane and he was a few lanes to the left. I wasn’t up to speed yet and he cuts over two lanes right in front of me and I’m thinking not again but he goes into the turn lane. Now the restaurant I was heading for was the next left, so I eased into the turn lane and look back to see Asshole has pulled back out into traffic and now is zipping up behind me. I sit for a bit till traffic is clear and cut across into the restaurant lot. And so does he. Shit.

I look at Mike and were both dumbfounded. He suggests I pull forward to the valet. We got out and the guy slowly cruises by. At this point, I wanted out of the car but we find out there’s a long wait and we’re discussing if we should stay when the guy slowly drives by again! I tell Mike I’m not comfortable with my car in the lot with this guy out there waiting to damage it. The valets say they can keep,it up front for a while. We dither a bit and decide to leave. We’d pointed him out to the valets in case they had any issues and we drove off. As we were pulling out, we saw him walking into the restaurant. That was the end of it. We had dinner elsewhere and went home.

I’m posting this because it was scary and horrid. It was like he was looking for something, for trouble. I don’t know if he’d planned to go to the same restaurant as us all along or if he was coming in to find us. Shudder.

I’m also posting in case he does anything in the future. We’ll keep the photos, just in case. I don’t know if he snapped any of us when he got behind us or circled us in the parking lot. But hopefully this is the end.


4 thoughts on “A not so funny road rage thing happened on our way to dinner…

  1. OMG, people are such assholes. So scary for you guys, but I’m happy you’re unscathed (physically at least).

  2. Wow! That’s horrible and how terrifying. I’m not sure but you may want to consider telling your police department about this, so at the very least they can do random drive bys in your neighborhood. Y’all did the right thing in taking pictures of his vehicle and of him. Hopefully, his actions were just fear and intimidation and nothing more will come of it.

    • You weren’t the only one to recommend that, Sue. So I dropped by the station and told the guy my story, gave him a copy of this post and showed him the photos. He said he would contact the guy, get his side of the story but also give him a warning about confronting or trying to intimidate other drivers. He said it would also serve to give the guy warning that he was being watched. I said he’d probably give a very different account and he (police) said he wouldn’t be surprised but the fact he held up traffic to confront us was pretty telling. Ugh.

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