About Me

I’m gonna blog!

Sure, it sounds so easy when you say it, right?  But the day to day topics, the pouring out of your heart, soul and cat photos – well, that’s not just child’s play.

teriYou’ve come by, presumably read a post or two, and decided you’d see who it was behind the words.  Well, it’s me.  My name is Teri Anderson and I’m a Advertising Digital Strategist by trade, a wife and mother of two kids (girl, 17; boy, 14) by vocation and owner of two border collie mixes and two goofy cats for the sheer entertainment value they add.  I’ve lived in various parts of the country but have settled within a stone’s throw of where I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit.  Life is crazy, confusing and often provides me much fodder that I’ve decided to spew out here on these pages for sanity’s sake.

I like music (most kinds except Taylor Swift or anything auto-tuned), Japanese and Mexican food, Rachel Maddow,  most hues of the color blue and animals (except ferrets, sorry).  I don’t like brussels sprouts, Fox News, the color burgundy, mushrooms or the smell of cabbage.  I love Chanel #19, I read tons (mostly fiction) and am an unapologetic Apple fangirl.  I drive a foreign car (a bit of a no-no in the “D” but I bought it at a Chrysler dealer so hopefully that mitigates my guilt somewhat). My hair isn’t naturally red but my eyes are naturally bright blue.

I’m seeking peace for me and mine, paths through the crazy world of parenting, reassurance that I’ve not effed my kids up too badly as I fumble through life and the raising of these two. I’m working to be a better partner to my husband as we walk this journey together and also learning again to bring friends into my life – harder for me that it might seem.

I hope you like what I talk about here.  Someone asked me why I was writing this blog; I can say unabashedly this is all about and for me.  If I make someone chuckle or provide a little bit of “I’m not in this alone” along the way, then that’s just the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.  If I do make you happy with my writing, please let me know by liking, sharing or commenting on my stuff.  That would make me happy indeed.

Thanks for stopping by, random Internet citizen!  I hope you like what you see and come on by again.


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