This week in overload…

So, this week’s calendar includes:

  • Monday night rehearsal for the daughter with her community orchestra (across town, of course)
  • Tuesday night band festival prep clinic for the son
  • Tuesday afternoon viola lesson for the daughter
  • Wednesday evening orchestra festival prep clinic for the daughter
  • Thursday afternoon ACT class for the daughter
  • Friday evening orchestra festival
  • Saturday band festival
  • Sunday community orchestra concert

And this is, of course, on top of our regular jobs, MIL care, homework and the rest of the circus of activity that seems to follow us around.  Is it wrong that I’m sort of rooting for the snowstorm that’s headed our way to knock a few of these items off the schedule?





Today is the 5th day of 2013. I’ve worked 3 days thus far this year, the kids have gone to school for 2 days. How is it I’m already so behind? The days and weeks seem to fly by, leaving undone stuff and good intentions in their wake. This isn’t about stopping to smell the roses or admire the clouds. This is about just trying to keep all the plates spinning.