The Earl is Not Amused

I’m an NPR nerd so it should come at no surprise that I listen weekly to the satirical news show “Wait Wait”.  Love it, the revolving list of regulars like Paula Poundstone and Tom Bodet and have hearts and flowers for host Peter Sagal.

Many Sagal fans will be aware that he blogs regularly for NPR.  One of the recurring topics he covers is “Sandwich Monday”, which is intended to be a satirical (surprise!) look at bad food.  Mr. Sagal and his staff will sample said food and record their reactions.  Generally makes for entertaining reading.  Recently, instead of the usual staff roundtable, the blog featured Sagal and his family giving steak and kidney pie, an alleged English staple, a go.  Needless to say, they weren’t entirely impressed.

Now what raises this entry above the usual “ew, it’s bad” fare (see what I did there?) is that English peerage is now involved.  The Sagal family tried their pie at Porters, a long-standing destination for naive Americans to sample “ye olde foode”.  Porters is owned by Richard Bradford, also known as the 7th Earl of Bradford.  He takes exception to how his establishment is portrayed and gets his feathers ruffled in textbook fashion.  Hilarity ensues.  Enjoy here (but not the pie) and be sure to read the comments.