Girly Pens

A few months ago, it became an interwebs thang to talk about the recent launch of the Bic “Pens for Her” product. How silly, we all exclaimed, to believe that ladies apparently were struggling with the nasty, mannish pens currently on the market and would be hot for these pastel, sparkly feminine wonders. Amazon reviews starting piling up and hilarity ensued.


Sure, I laughed with everyone else.  I tend to ignore feminized versions of products, which usually cost more, and just get what works.  Okay, maybe where scent is an issue I’ll bend – I don’t need my underarms smelling like “piney woods” or “ocean sport” or even worse, this guy.

But, I confess, I’ve always been a sucker for the lady razor.  No basic 2-blade disposables for me.  No “super magnum 5 blade vibrating hot shave” either. Give me my lavender scented moisturizing strips with the soft-touch handle every time.  Sure, I felt a bit guilty. I knew I was suckered in by packaging and incenting R&D folks to make even more silly girly-shave affectations but there I was.

Until last night. There I was, in the bath, reaching for my girly-shaver only to realize it was across the room, still in packaging.  There, right at my fingertips was my husband’s razor. So, shall I strike a blow to lady-product marketers and show the world this boy blade will work just fine for this gal?  Principles aside, not having to leave the tub won out and shave.   away I did.  The result?  The worst case of razor burn ever.  I’m still itching and anticipating ingrown hairs from ankle up in coming days.  Marketers win. Girly-sparkle-emollient-comfort-grip-springtime-scented-razor FTW.