$#*@&$# Dragons

So, in the course of a single day, someone posted the meme below on my Facebook page to brighten my day (which it did) and someone else (presumably) used the search term “dragons in cat kitchen” to find this blog. This must mean I’m meant to post this meme here. Enjoy!



Lest we forget, it’s Grumpy Cat’s first birthday.

photo of grumpy cat with mr. rogers


In the midst of all the sturm und drang going on in our lives right now, it’s good to take a moment and consider the little things. It’s Grumpy Cat’s birthday today. This feline phenom is only a year old – pretty young to have conquered the Interwebs. There’s a ton of images of the cranky kitty out there but this one is my favorite – probably because it’s the only one with a happy ending.